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W-Rig supplies a broad range of winches and related components to meet all needs in the offshore and marine industries, delivered in standard versions or tailor made to customer specifications.


W-Rig winches can be designed to comply with any classification rules and standards. The standard designs are based on extensive experience with winches for Offshore and Marine operations. Although usually equipped with Hydraulic motors, winches can also be supplied with Electrical or Air motors. All necessary wiring systems, Powerpack and Control systems can be delivered as a complete package.


Many sets of winches have been supplied with the wire spooling system. This ensures excellent wire spooling of extremely long wires without the need for a defined minimum distance between the winch and the first wire sheave. The wire can be directed in any direction when leaving the winch. Winches equipped with this system therefore offer maximum installation flexibility in limited spaces. The wire spooling device can be driven by chain or hydraulic motor.


W-Rig delivers traditional winches and traction winches with dedicated storage drums. The winches may be designed for topside high-speed lifting .Winches are delivered as separate unit/system or for integration with other total systems. A wide range of optional functions includes: wire spooling, grooved drums, auto-variable winch speed, constant tension, emergency lowering/release, control systems and wire guide systems. The equipment can be delivered as separate units/systems or integrated in other total systems.


W-Rig has supplied many types of gypsies, fairleaders and sheaves according to owner requested. Its diameter for gypsy from 100mm to 130mm combined with any certificate. All these special products to be customized according to customer specification. Customized Cranes can also be requested, ensuring that no matter what you need, W-Rig is more than capable to assist you.

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