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Other Products

In order to provide a one-stop solution hub for your requirements, W-RIG is capable of supplying a wide range of other products for many different onshore and offshore purposes. Some of the most popular ones include:

- Capstans

- Fairleader (Vertical/Horizontal)

- Sheave

- Gypsy (Vertical/Horizontal)

- Hose Reel Winch (Electrical/Hydraulic Driven) (Single/Multi Drums)

- Cable Winch (Electric/Hydraulic Driven) (Single/Multi Drums)

- Tension & Length Monitoring System

- Remote / Local Control Console

- Spooler system

- Towing Hook

- European Hydraulic Components

Towing Hook
Tension and Load Meter 1
Tension and Load Meter 2
Remote Control
Local Control
Hose Reel Winch
Control Stand
Cable Winch
Hydraulic Spooler
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